27 July 2010


Mount Bromo is an active volcano in East Java


Indo street sellers are relentless

21 July 2010

Fish Therapy

Mbak Ucik and I decided to try "fish therapy" or "terapi ikan" today. This involves Garra Rufa fish, a form of carp that enjoy eating away at the dead skin on your feet. Nature's best pedicure. We planned on doing it for 30 minutes but after my initial freak out as hundreds of tiny fish began feasting on my feet, I started enjoying it. We also had a great Indonesian conversation--I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the cultural differences we aren't taught in the classroom... We ended up staying for an hour.

And yes, my feet are now incredibly smooth.

12 July 2010


My 15-year-old pembantu was fired today; she played too much. I miss her

A pembantu is a maid who often lives in the home. It was uncomfortable for me to ask her to wash my clothes when my only real request was that she finish school.

She called me kakak (older sister) and I called her adik (younger sister).

11 July 2010


Mushroom Garden

Beach: East Java

The Indian Ocean swallowed my towel. Goodbye towel, hello environmental sadness. 

Hotel Tugu: Blitar

07 July 2010


My daily game of frogger 
This is a two way street. It is nearly impossible to cross both lanes without getting caught somewhere in the middle. I usually chill for a bit on the invisible median and let the sepeda motors swerve around me.  No sidewalks 

06 July 2010


Guru Guru

Peer tutor with roasted corn - jagung
Flavors included:
pedas - spicy
coklat - chocolate
manis - sweet
asin - salty
keju - cheese
arbei - strawberry

Peer tutor with bicycle-grocery store

Authority figures

Teman Teman

05 July 2010


Buah Naga
Dragon Fruit: Has the look and texture of a soft white kiwi--tastes sweeter and less acidic 

No Idea



Bread with Chicken Floss

Beneath the scaly exterior the fruit tastes and looks like a cross between an apple and a walnut. 


Tastes like an apple and a Christmas Tree

Break the fruit open by crushing it between your palms. Enjoy the sweet mushy white heaven. 

Snack on Field Trip 
"Covering all the Indonesian food bases: fried, jello, & wrapped in a banana leaf"

Palm sugar-based desserts topped with more palm sugar

Avocado Shake

Fried Watermelon 
I don't understand the mechanics 

Es Artistik
A sweet icy pyramid sitting atop slices of coconut and various gelatinous shapes swimming in a pool of coconut milk and sweet slimy syrup. 
(Note: That is not my hand) 

Lychee Squash  

Terima Kasih kepada Mbak Emily dan Mas Wyatt for the photo and quote 

03 July 2010

Dinner in the village

White rice is served three times a day in Indonesia.

Starting from the upper left hand corner and moving right:
  Sayur-sayuran, urap-urap, tahu & tempe goreng, mie goreng
Vegetables in a spicy broth, a spinach-like vegetable mixed with spiced, grated coconut, fried tofu & tempe, fried noodles.  

Tempe, telur, ayam bakar, tahu & tempe goreng, sambal dan ikan asin
Small, spicy pieces of tempe, fried egg that looks like a cinnamon roll, grilled chicken, fried tofu & tempe, a spicy sauce made from hot peppers that is served with everything and dried/salted fish.   

We duduk lesehan a lot here (sit on the floor). 
Dessert: The gray tub holds a vat of fruit juice and the white bowl is filled with warm pumpkin soup/juice (also below).