03 July 2010

Dinner in the village

White rice is served three times a day in Indonesia.

Starting from the upper left hand corner and moving right:
  Sayur-sayuran, urap-urap, tahu & tempe goreng, mie goreng
Vegetables in a spicy broth, a spinach-like vegetable mixed with spiced, grated coconut, fried tofu & tempe, fried noodles.  

Tempe, telur, ayam bakar, tahu & tempe goreng, sambal dan ikan asin
Small, spicy pieces of tempe, fried egg that looks like a cinnamon roll, grilled chicken, fried tofu & tempe, a spicy sauce made from hot peppers that is served with everything and dried/salted fish.   

We duduk lesehan a lot here (sit on the floor). 
Dessert: The gray tub holds a vat of fruit juice and the white bowl is filled with warm pumpkin soup/juice (also below). 


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