26 September 2010


I really adore teaching at SMA Negeri 1 Makale. SMA means high school in Indonesian.

Why my students are the sweetest:
  • They all stand up and say "Good morning maam. How are you today?" or "Thank you maam. Have a nice day" When I enter or exit the classroom.
  • They often begin oral presentations with "Thank you for giving me this time to speak..."
  • They love to ask me if i've met with Justin Bieber. 
  • We sometimes sing Ya Sudahlah together. It's best if one of the students has a guitar with them.
  • They call me "Meees Yudeeet." I'm not really sure why. J's are not pronounced like Y's in this country. But i've gone with it because it's so adorable.
  • They love to ask me if I have a husband. This question is always followed by immense giggling from the rest of the class.
  • They all personally thank me when I've confirmed their facebook friend requests. 
  • They're eager to learn English.
One of the other teachers has his students start their presentations by saying "Thank you, Her Excellency, Miss Yudiit, English teacher of SMA 1 Makale" or "Thank you, Her Excellency, Miss Yudiit, representative of AMINEF." Uncomfortable. 

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