23 October 2010


I was finally able to get a modem.  It only required a ten hour bus ride to the nearest shopping mall. Now that I have internet access, I'd like to explain where I'm actually located. 

Sulawesi is the island that kind of looks like a "K." It is to the right of Kalimantan/Borneo.

I live in the box called "Torajaland." The city of Makassar (near the tip) is where I must go to access an airport or obtain any modern amenities. Think: malls, movie theaters, taxis, coffee shops, computer stores, dairy products...

Fortunately Toraja is an incredible place to be stuck. I have been told it is on the "100 things to do before you die" list.

My Town Square

I get everything I need from the market. It's like a giant tent village with dirt floors. You can find everything from fruit to fish to live pigs to flip flops.

I'm always amazed by what I can and cannot find in Toraja. For instance, dvd players and speakers are here but can openers and dvds are nearly impossible to come by.

I am the only bule (non-Indonesian) living in this town of 30,000.  Being such a novelty elicits a lot of attention. I am thankful that the attention is positive and generally respectful.  Though sometimes it can be exhausting. It's weird to have bus loads of students scream "We love you Meees Yudeeeet!" when they see me. Or have rumors swirl around the town that I do not eat rice. (True). People always tell me they love my nose, which I don't entirely hate. And I've gotten used to photos being sneakily snapped of me.

Tiny paparazzi spotting me at the internet cafe. 

The girl sitting on the floor is seconds away from reaching over and adding herself to my facebook. (You sit on the floor at my internet cafe). It's kind of nice. 


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