06 November 2010

The Lost Boys

I finally gained enough courage to infiltrate the Lost Boys Lair next door to my house. I needed to take a series of photos to fully document the magnificence.

Things to look for:

  • The child smoking
  • The man holding the rooster
  • The Wild West inspired scarf tied around mouth
  • The black mesh tank top  
  • The almost preppy sweater around shoulders look

I took a moment to indulge in self righteousness
by saying jangan merokok, kamu terlalu kecil
Don't smoke. You're too small. 

So much wood!

I have yet to enter this one

UPDATE: Two fellow Fulbrights, Thomas and Mary, came to visit. They helped me to exploit the Indonesian lack of boundaries in order to see the inside of this construction. After inviting ourselves in, we experienced a lost boys' lair (as expected) as well as a few surprises.

Things we expected that were confirmed:
  • Assortment of young men
  • Magazine cut outs on the wall--mainly pertaining to soccer
  • Random electronics 
We, however, did not expect:
  • A canopy bed
  • Eyelash curler (When we asked about it they earnestly informed us they used it to curl their eyelashes. Ok.)  

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