09 June 2010

Eager beaver

  • I'm very much ready to go. 
  • I recently found out i'll be living with a HIndu family this summer: "Pak Bagus" is the head of the household. His name technically means Mr. Good. He has an 85-year-old mother or father. Pronouns in Indonesian are unisex so I can't tell which one yet. And two anak anak (children). They are 26 and it was unclear to me if they still live at home. Also unclear on their genders. 
  • Got a stress fracture. Terrible. No running, kickboxing, or excessive walking for 3-6 months. The "no excessive walking" part I plan to ignore. I'll be exploring this country on foot--stress fracture be damned. Though finding a yoga studio and a pool conducive to swimming laps has risen higher on my to do list. 
  • Almost all packed. Getting my final round of vaccines today. H1N1-check, Japanese Encephalitis-check, Rabies-still need to get one more of that vaccine today. Apparently rabies are endemic in Bali. I don't plan to visit Bali over the summer but just in case... 
  • Below are a few photos of Bali from my time there is 2008: 

This is a picture of a daily Balinese offering. 
They are set out as gifts for benevolent spirits or as a way to appease mischievous ones.  

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  1. can't wait to hear more about your host family when you finally meet them!