05 July 2010


Buah Naga
Dragon Fruit: Has the look and texture of a soft white kiwi--tastes sweeter and less acidic 

No Idea



Bread with Chicken Floss

Beneath the scaly exterior the fruit tastes and looks like a cross between an apple and a walnut. 


Tastes like an apple and a Christmas Tree

Break the fruit open by crushing it between your palms. Enjoy the sweet mushy white heaven. 

Snack on Field Trip 
"Covering all the Indonesian food bases: fried, jello, & wrapped in a banana leaf"

Palm sugar-based desserts topped with more palm sugar

Avocado Shake

Fried Watermelon 
I don't understand the mechanics 

Es Artistik
A sweet icy pyramid sitting atop slices of coconut and various gelatinous shapes swimming in a pool of coconut milk and sweet slimy syrup. 
(Note: That is not my hand) 

Lychee Squash  

Terima Kasih kepada Mbak Emily dan Mas Wyatt for the photo and quote 


  1. Did you try the Durian? I hear it has an interesting smell. Oh and I just saw and ad for Febreeze Island scent that had Dragon Fruit - never heard of that until today and here I see they do exist!

  2. I tried durian in Yogya. Menurut saya--according to me--it's disgusting. The texture is reminiscent of thick, melted cheese and it smells/tastes like raw onions and sickeningly sweet fruit. You either love it or hate it. Most Indonesians love it. There is durian ice cream, durian cake and durian juice. But most hotels prohibit anyone from bringing the fruit inside.