22 January 2011


Before I became one of them

5:30 am salon appointment 

pre- hari ibu
I've found that taking my hair out of this updo is the only way I can obtain the level of volume I covet. 

"Hari Ibu"
This translates as "Mother's Day" though I am hesitant to admit it. It's enough that my students love to call me "mom" and that I'm commonly asked if I have children. Also I was told that all the teachers would be going all out in traditional clothes for "Hari Ibu" as well. This turned out to be false. In reality, the teachers dressed moderately whereas I had been made into a Torajan bride. My Indonesian mother has planned my wedding out in terms of the venue, which of her five children will fan me during the ceremony and which will hold the ornamental umbrella over my head as I walk down the aisle. This isn't in jest. So I guess "Hari Ibu" was kind of my dress rehearsal. Obviously I loved it. 

This dress was made for me by a seamstress using Torajan fabric I found at the market.

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