30 January 2011


I spent part of my winter holiday in the rainforest of Kalimantan (Borneo). There I channeled my inner Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong and cruised down the jungle river for a few days to visit orangutans. During these visits I collected experiences that have since been strung into a necklace and placed inside a jewel box that now rests upon my dresser.

  • Bathed exclusively from the river
  • Trekked the jungle barefoot
  • Ate a live termite
  • Identified poisonous trees
  • Learned to never make eye contact with a macaque 
  • Tried a jungle plant that tasted remarkably like rhubarb 
  • Walked among orangutans, wild boars and awkward monkeys with tubular noses (Proboscis)
  • Enjoyed snake fish  
  • Was bitten by a fire ant
  • And sucked upon by a leech 
View from wooden tower
Wild boar and Siswi, the orangutan

Returning home

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