27 January 2011


Last week I visited a private religious school with two fellow Fulbrights, Kelsey and Ezra. We taught teachers about Martin Luther King and introduced new teaching tools. For the first time in my life it was requested I wear a jilbab (headscarf). I was excited to finally cross that off my life to do list. Though at first it felt odd to talk about Rosa Parks at a venue that had all the female teachers sitting in the back, overall the presentation was a success. And while there were a few yawns during the I Have a Dream Speech (I assume because of the language barrier), the hokie pokie was a hit. Context: I played the hokie pokie song to introduce a cd of English language children's songs. The teachers were very kind. Also I was allowed to keep the jilbab!

I wore a long jacket during the presentation. But by the time this photo was taken I was overheating and the claustrophobia had taken over. The jacket just had to come off. Jangan khawatir--this was only around other women.

Ok here we go. More appropriate:

 Perfecting the jilbab tuck

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